14 Best Slipper Socks for Women & Men To Keep Cozy 2021

When it’s cold, it helps to have slipper socks around, trust. I recently made the move from sunny, warm Los Angeles to also sunny, but exponentially colder, Salt Lake City. I haven’t experienced actual seasons in 12 years, which means I am woefully unprepared for any weather that falls below 60 degrees. Since I can’t pull a bear and hibernate until winter is over (job, responsibilities, inability to lower my body temperature eight to 12 degrees, etc), I’ve been prepping for the cold months ahead (and indulging my shopping habit) by purchasing all things snuggly and cozy—including as many pairs of slipper socks as I can convince my S.O. are “serotonin-ly necessary.”

What are slipper socks, exactly?

Slipper socks are hybrid between socks and slippers (pretty much what they sound like), and generally what differentiates them is that they have non-slip or non-skid soles, so they’re easier to walk around in on hard floors. Most have some kind of super soft, thick interior lining to protect feet from the cold.

In addition to keeping your feet cozy and warm, these cozy slipper-sock hybrids are also a podiatrist-approved way to make your footsteps lighter. Use their power for good. Here, we’ve rounded up the best of the best (and restrained myself from making any “getting cold feet”-related jokes).

The warmest slipper socks

L.L. Bean Fireside Gripper Socks — $40.00

These cable knit slipper socks are described by reviewers as “excellent for cold feet” thanks to the fleece-lined interior. They’re available in three colors: teal, clay, and charcoal.

Uncommon Goods Rainbow Slipper Socks — $38.00

You can find just about anything, from a raindrop cake baking kit to a handcrafted teapot on Uncommon Goods, including these fair-trade slipper socks. These thick, cozy socks are handmade in Nepal from sheep’s wool and fleece, and are meant to be lived in all winter long.

Snoozies Slipper Socks — $13.00

These fuzzy slipper socks have the 5-star stamp of approval from over 2k reviewers. They skew slightly more “slipper” than “sock” and have a non-skid sole, making them perfect for lounging around the house.

Ebmore Home Slipper Socks — $10.00

Made with a heavy, thick lining and featuring non-skid bottoms, these slipper socks are the very definition of “toasty.” And reviewers think so, too. “So I bought these as a gift for my mother and now I can’t stop hearing about how great they are, so this review isn’t from me, but my mother [who] talks my ear off about how great they are, so go make that mother or mother-in-law of yours happy,” one reviewer says about these slipper socks. Another, who lives in Alaska, writes that they feel “like a warm, cozy massage, or like your feet are floating on cloud nine.”

The softest slipper socks

Ugg Pom Pom Fleece Lined Crew Sock — $50.00

One reviewer on the internet described these as “a sock you wouldn’t mind crammed in your mouth,” which is both oddly specific and strangely unclear. However, they go on to call these “the best socks in history” so it’s safe to assume that’s a positive thing. The pom pom ties bounce with you as you walk and are, to put it bluntly, adorable.


Nap Loungewear Fuzzy Plush Socks — $28.00

This set of three plush pairs of socks comes in a variety of different colors that can best be described as “effortlessly chic” (yes, slipper socks *can* be chic) and “something Celeste would wear on Big Little Lies.” Each sock has silicone grips on the bottom to keep you from slipping when you have to chase after your dog because he somehow got ahold of the toilet brush. Or, you know, whatever your reason.


Draper James x Lands’ End House Slipper Socks — $35.00

These chenille slippers are lined with sherpa fleece and come in festive red or green (just don’t mix them up with your Christmas stocking). They feature an adjustable tie at the top, plus pom pom ties for a touch of whimsy.


Jormatt Ultra Thick Fuzzy Grip Socks — $16.00

Another more affordable option, these socks come as a pack of three. “These are just the right combination of warmth plus safety,” writes one reviewer. “They’re a relatively thick knit material, but not so heavy that my feet sweat.” Reviewers also say that the no-slip grips on the bottoms are comfortable to walk around on.

The best slipper socks for women

Bombas Women’s Gripper Socks — $40.00

Life comes at you fast—one day you’re crushing a 7 a.m. Saturday workout while hungover, the next you’re telling anyone who will listen about your favorite sock brands. Because apparently you have favorite sock brands and also very strong opinions about them. Related: Bombas is one of my favorite sock brands, and their slipper socks do not disappoint.

Stance Rowan Slipper Socks — $35.00

Introducing me to Stance was the best thing my former on-again, off-again personal trainer beau ever did for me. I do not trust his opinion on anything else (he had Machine Gun Kelly paintings that he may or may not have painted himself hanging in his bedroom), but damn if he wasn’t spot on about Stance’s socks. This slipper iteration is heavily cushioned and provides lots of support and warmth without feeling bulky.



Toes Home Plush Slipper Socks — $14.00

These fuzzy slipper/sock hybrids are the dictionary definition of “cozy cute.” They’re also among the more affordable on this list, as they’re sold in packs of six pairs.

The best slipper socks for men

Bombas Men’s Gripper Socks — $40.00

As mentioned, Bombas is one of my favorite sock brands. In addition to making some of the best slipper socks for women, they also make some of the best for men. They feature a soft brush lining inside that keep feet warm and comfortable (not sweaty), and they also come with a travel bag for convenience.

Acorn The Original Slipper Sock — $52.00

These best-selling slipper socks are out of this world…literally, because they have been worn on missions to the moon by NASA astronauts. They’re available in sizes 2XS to 3XL.


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