3 Best Moisturizers Under $16, According to a Derm

When you think of highly effective moisturizers, your skin type (as in oily, dry, or combination) is certainly a factor, as is figuring out the formula and ingredients that keep your skin barrier super happy (hello, hyaluronic acid). And cost is worth weighing seeing as prices range, but it’s not uncommon to see products in this category go for high double, sometimes triple, figures. Given this, you’d be right to assume that a good moisturizer is going to cost more than what you’d likely spend at the drugstore. Here’s a little insider intel for you, though: Some of the best moisturizers under $16 are not only affordable, but awesome.

Because newsflash: You can absolutely find stellar skin care without forking out a ton of cash in the process. Don’t just take our word for it—board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch recently shared her favrorite moisturizers (for every concern under the sun) on Instagram and, much to our excitement, her top three all-around picks cost no more than $16. Check them out, below.

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