4 Makeup Artist Fave to Add to Your Vanity

Both makeup artists endorse this product, which means it’s a pretty safe bet for those hesitating to add-to-cart. Covello, who’s a big fan of cream blushes generally, describes it as having a “soft blur effect,” which she says aids in the appearance of flawlessness.

Gilleo, meanwhile, particularly loves Cloud Paint for its abilities as a multitasker; she uses it on her lids, cheeks, and lips. “The colors are ridiculously lightweight yet buildable, and I get a really nice natural glow when using Cloud Paint—it leaves you with a nice flushed look, like you’ve had a bit of sun,” she says. “Even though the shades are subtle, they look equally as flattering on both a natural bare face and a full glam face of makeup.” Plus, she says, a little goes a long way, so your tiny tube of Cloud Paint will likely last you a while.

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