6 Best Plant Subscription Boxes For Every Level 2021| Well+Good

The details

These seed pods are designed to be used with the brand’s SmallGarden, which comes with 10 basil seed pods to start. You choose one plant per cycle from a variety of options, including sage, moss rose, lettuce mix, and mint. Your new pods will ship out just before it’s time to harvest what’s already in your garden, so the timing of each shipment is different. (For instance, basil will be ready to harvest in about 45 days, while rosemary can take between 70-80 days.)

It’s almost impossible to mess up—the planter syncs to an app, which alerts you when you need to tend to your plants. The app also lets you control the light schedule and check on the water level of your garden.

Plans and pricing

Automatic deliveries of SeedPod refills, timed to arrive when your current pods are almost ready to harvest, from $20


Plant pods


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