6 Cotton Sports Bras for Lounging and Low-Impact Workouts

Sports bras have continued to level up over the past couple of years, with brands focusing on new technologies, designs, and fabrics to create options that help enhance performance—without sacrificing comfort. A recent example: Lululemon’s new AirSupport Bra, which was engineered from injectable foam. Still, even as excited as we are to see the evolution in this space, not every workout requires wearing engineered performance materials, and for those days we still reach for a cotton sports bra. Because while all the bells and whistles are nice, sometimes you just want plain chocolate ice cream instead of the brownie fudge swirl. The white cotton T-shirt instead of the going-out top. Bachelor in Paradise instead of Mare of Easttown.

Off your mat and out of the gym, a cotton sports bra is clutch if you find yourself incapable of going near anything with an underwire, as many women have in the past year. If you’ve swapped “real” bras out for sports bras, you are certainly not alone. Jessica Pfister, vice-president of Le Mystere, previously told Well+Good that compressive sports bras designed for high-impact activities aren’t great to wear all day. Instead, she recommends looking for sports bras that are light and breathable, like cotton. As a result, it won’t trap in moisture. (That’s part of the reason why cotton undies are best for everyday wear.)

While cotton sports bras have their benefits, they also have their limitations. If you’re doing an activity where you’re going to sweat a lot, like a HIIT workout, it’s probably best to leave the cotton sports bra behind. Cotton is breathable, yes, but doesn’t wick away sweat like performance fabrics do, so you could end up feeling soggy and damp. Another reason you may want to skip the cotton sports bras for sweaty, high intensity workouts: they aren’t exactly the best at keeping your boobs from bouncing everywhere. They provide light support that’s better suited for low-impact activities or, as mentioned above, instead of a “real” bra.

Plus, they’re incredibly comfy. Scroll to shop 6 cotton sports bras we’d pull on in a heartbeat

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