7 Olive Oil Dipping Sets for Healthy Summer Entertaining

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Is there an easier, more delicious appetizer than some savory olive oil infused with herbs and paired with a good bread? I don’t think so. There really isn’t a wrong way to serve olive oil, which is healthy because its loaded with good fats and antioxidants.

You can make this Mediterranean superstar the hero of your next summer party with an olive oil dipping set. Served alongside a warm baguette or some crispy crackers, these seven oil dipping sets are simple enough to set out and enjoy, freeing up the time you’d spend in your kitchen to hang out with your guests.

7 convenient olive oil dipping sets to serve at your next summer soirée

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1. Williams Sonoma Dipping Oil Gift Set

This dipping set features two infused California extra-virgin olive oils: one with parmesan, fresh herbs, and garlic; the other herbs de Provence, featuring lemon zest and Dijon mustard. Each set includes two trendy ceramic bowls to make entertaining that much easier.

2. Calivirgin Olive Oil Sampler Set

This five-piece oil set is sure to tickle your fancy. In addition to a traditional extra-virgin olive oil, each set features three infused oils (lemon, garlic, and basil) as well as a tangy balsamic vinegar to drizzle over tomatoes or salad.

3. Kosterina Olive Oil Set

These food-editor favorite olive oils are perfect for dipping and drizzling. Cold-pressed in Greece, Kosterina’s 100 percent pure olive oils go well with just about anything. Choose from the classic Greek extra-virgin olive oil, an herb-and-lemon-infused oil, and an onion infused oil (or enjoy all three.)

4. Willams Sonoma Italian & Roasted Garlic Dipping Herbs

Want to DIY your own infused oil? This herb dipping kit shows you how. This Mediterranean-inspired herb jar blends garlic, chives, and chiles into a perfect seasoning with just the right amount of kick. Mix it in with your favorite olive oil, or blend it in with some butter (or another plant-based dip) for an herbal spread.

5. L’Olivier Flavor Infused Olive Oil Crate

L’Olivier has been making decadent French olive oils since 1922. This set includes three oils infused by what the company calls “green capture”—an eco-friendly processing method that harnesses flavor from fresh plants. Choose from an earthy black truffle oil, refreshing lemon-mint blend, or the crisp basil-infused oil.

6. Williams Sonoma Olive Oil Dipping Blend Set

Give this set to a friend who likes to entertain, or keep it for yourself and make your own homemade infused oils. The 4-pack features four different herbal blends: Italian, Moroccan (which features chiles and cumin for some heat), Mediterranean, and Wine Country (a blend of coriander, cloves, and cilantro.) Yum.

7. Wild Groves Infused Oil Set

Made in California, all of Wild Grove’s oils are blended and tasted in-house to ensure the best quality. Featuring a lemon, basil, and garlic-infused oil, each set can be enjoyed as a dip, dressing, or marinade.

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