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I personally know plenty of people who have invested in a great house, have a happy family but refuses to pay attention to the quality of water they are consuming. There may be a list of reasons – the top one being that they’re unaware of what polluted water can do to one’s health. To counter this problem and somehow convince you to get one installed for a happier and safer life ahead, here are some reasons why you need to think about getting the best water filters for home use. 



1.     Health Benefits

While plain tap water is to some extent considered clean, there are numerous toxins and harmful substances that make it less than ideal for human health. Chlorine is one such chemical which is present in almost all tap water around the world. The fact that there is no substitute for good health is something we are all aware of, so why compromise on such an essential factor to our bodies. A simple water filter installation can save you the pain, trouble and unease of contracting diseases due to water contamination.

2.     Better Skin and Hair

Different areas have different concentrations of hard and soft water, which is why you may have noticed that your hair starts to look extra tamed when you’re on vacation. This is because most hotels have water filtration systems installed. A water filter can control the levels of certain chemicals and allow the water to become soft. This has a direct impact on the beauty and health of your skin and hair. Soft water lathers up soap, body wash and shampoo more easily, resulting in a better condition of hair and skin, whereas hard water is unnecessarily drying to our bodies. Reduced frizz and plumper skin? What more could you ask for?

3.     Money Saving

A single water bottle may cost just a couple of dollars over the years, those dollars start to add up. When you purchase water bottles you are not just paying for clean water, but also the packaging and the profit that the company makes off of it. A water filtration system is an investment. This means that although it may seem pricey today, in the long run, it will save not only your health but also your bank account.

4.     Environmental Impact

Plastic never fully decomposes. This means that the water bottle you bought in kindergarten is still somewhere on the planet, taking up space and leeching awful chemicals into our ecosystems. In fact, every single piece of plastic that has ever been produced still exists in some form on Earth. If that’s not terrifying I don’t know what is.  And on top of that most of the plastic that is manufactured is either not fit to be recycled or doesn’t make it to a recycling facility. Imagine the impact you could have on our beloved planet if you made the simple switch from bottled water to a filter. Water companies aren’t really selling you water. They are selling you plastic bottles.

5.     Improved Taste

Bottled water, boiled water and filtered water all have different concentrations of various salts and bacteria and compositions. Boiling water does indeed remove impurities but it is not as efficient as a filter which allows beneficial bacteria and essential salts to remain in the water while getting rid of anything impure. This affects the taste and smell of your water. 

6.     Self-Reliance

After installing your brand new water filter, you will no longer be dependent on water companies to purify your water. In case of any sort of contamination of the water in your area or city, you won’t have to worry one bit because you already have a filter installed. Investing in this equipment means not having to worry about most of the water-related accidents that might occur in the future. You are fully independent and will always have a clean and fresh supply of water in your home.

7.     Convenience 

Lastly, it is simply more convenient. If you were habitual of boiling your water, you will no longer have to take the time out to do that. If you are used to buying bottled water, no extra trips to the grocery store will be required anymore. Clean, clear and safe drinking water will be available in your home whenever you desire.



Hence, investing in a water filter is not only a healthy decision but also an environmentally friendly one. There are tons of benefits to water filtration in homes. There’s a water filter for everyone! If one kind doesn’t suit you, go ahead and try other types until you find the one that is best for you. With this investment, you and your family will stay hydrated & healthy with a few extra bucks to spare. 



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