7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Family Dentist •

A family dentist takes care of your and your loved ones’ oral health, which you should prioritize since poor oral health can lead to various infections and diseases that might affect the rest of your body. You need to ensure that your entire family takes good care of their teeth, their gums, and other parts of their mouth in order to keep them healthy.

To accomplish that, you should consult with a family dentist regularly. You can check websites like https://balotadentistry.com to find one who can address all of your needs.

If you need more convincing, here are seven reasons to start seeing a family dentist:


1.  Keep Your Children Calm

Not everyone is comfortable going to the dentist as they may have heard a lot of horror stories about doing so. Often, children have a fear of dentists, making every checkup a pain in the neck for parents or older relatives.

To help your kids cope with that issue, you should consider having a family dentist they can get to know and trust. If they’ve had a good experience with a particular dentist, you should continue seeing that professional to allow your children to be more comfortable and at ease with each visit. They may also eventually realize that all dentists are good and there’s nothing to worry about during dental checkups.

Moreover, when your children see that the adults around them are going to the dentist, they’ll feel better since they’ll consider it normal and harmless. Remember that children tend to mimic what everyone else is doing. When you show them that it’s completely safe to visit the dentist, this’ll give them the impression that it’s something they must do as well.


2.  Knowledge Of Your Dental History

When you have a family dentist, you don’t have to go through the process of repeatedly explaining which dental procedures you’ve undergone. They’ll have a complete record and knowledge of your dental history, allowing them to know what needs to be done to your teeth the next time you come by.

If you have specific allergies or sensitivities, let your family dentist know about them right away so you can avoid having an unpleasant dental experience. The same goes for all the members of your family.

A family dentist can also identify if you’ve developed certain symptoms that would require immediate action to stop them from worsening. Along with this, they can determine if you have hereditary dental issues, which would prompt them to pay extra attention to your children and take preventive measures to maintain their oral health.


3.  Convenience

With a family dentist, you don’t have to go to the trouble of going from one dentist to another just so everyone in your family will have a healthy set of teeth. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can be time-consuming and expensive as well.

Meanwhile, you and your loved ones will only have to go on a single trip to the family dentist to get everyone the proper treatment they require. You can save time traveling and address all kinds of dental issues in one establishment. It’s therefore best to look for a reputable dental office with a family dentist who can accommodate patients of all ages.


4.  Provides Preventive Care

Once you’ve chosen a family dentist, see to it that your children will get regular checkups. In this way, you’ll encourage them to start practicing good oral hygiene at an early age. They’ll be able to prevent any cavities and similar issues from developing as they already know the proper routine to keep their teeth sparkling and clean.

Of course, there are dental problems that your kids won’t be able to control. If they need teeth alignment, your family dentist can provide the right solution while your children are still young. This is ideal since it’s easier to manipulate their teeth compared to adults’ teeth.


5.  Consistent Service

You should visit or consult your family dentist at least once every six months to keep your family’s oral health in check. The dentist will know what to do and what signs to look for if a specific family member has a recurring or persistent dental problem. The fact that they’re already familiar with your loved one’s situation allows them to provide consistent service.

If you go to a different dentist every time you need a checkup, you may end up getting various treatments for the same problem. For convenience and consistency, you should opt for a family dentist who won’t repeat procedures unnecessarily.


6.  Emergency Dental Services

There’ll be cases where an accident occurs and leads to one of your family members harming or damaging their teeth, which means they’ll be needing treatment as soon as possible.

With a family dentist, you no longer have to think about which dental professional you should call as you already have one you trust. You can immediately contact them and tell them about the situation. They’ll open their doors for you and immediately tend to your concerns given that most family dentists these days offer emergency services.

Moreover, when you have a family dentist, you can be sure that the service they’ll provide would be of top quality. When you go for a different emergency dentist, there’s no way of telling if they’ll deliver excellent service or just offer a temporary fix to get the job done on the spot. A family dentist will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are always in good hands.


7.  Comfortability

Because your family dentist is no longer a stranger to you, you’ll be more comfortable talking to them about your fears or worries regarding a particular dental procedure you need to undergo. This will allow them to think of ways to make you feel less apprehensive during the process. Moreover, if you have an oral health issue that you find a bit embarrassing to bring up, you can trust your family dentist to help you without making you feel bad.



Your family members’ oral health is important, so all of you should have regular checkups at least twice a year. A family dentist can provide you with that kind of service and more so you and your loved ones don’t need to go elsewhere for quality dental solutions. Even better, with a trusted dentist, your children won’t hesitate to sit on the dentist’s chair and may even treat the dental professional like family.



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