8 Best Popcorn Makers To Upgrade Your Movie Night

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Rather than serving up the same old microwaveable popcorn at your next movie night, surprise your friends with the real stuff. With electric or stovetop popcorn makers, you can pop the iconic snack in minutes, transforming your living room into a home theater instantly, complete with the signature buttery smell.

Popcorn is also a healthy, dietitian-approved snack. It’s a plant and choosing anything plant-based over the alternative is almost always good idea. And it’s fairly nutritious, being high in key nutrients like antioxidants and fiber. Lastly, it’s pretty darn versatile. Sure, you can slather it in butter and salt, or you can get creative with some healthier options, like vegan cheese, masala spice, or turmeric.

However you decide to serve it, skip the microwave and get a perfect pop every single time with an at-home popcorn maker.

8 of the best popcorn makers you can buy to make your own movie snack

1. Dash Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker

For $20, you can get theater-worthy buttery popcorn in minutes with this handy machine. Dash’s convenient popcorn maker requires no oil, as it uses hot air to give you 16 cups of fluffy popcorn. It’s small enough to store on your countertop, alongside your other kitchen gadgets without taking up too much space. Available in white, red, or aqua.

2. Williams-Sonoma Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Williams-Sonoma popcorn machine promises a 95 percent pop-rate, so no more dud kernels to pick through. Part of the brand’s Open Kitchen line, it’s a sleek, modern looking machine that won’t put a major dent in your wallet. Includes a removable lid-mounted measuring top for better portioning, a butter melting tray, and core wrap for easy storage.

3. Presto Fountain Hot Air Popper

If you have a bit more entertaining space and plan on hosting movie or game nights, check out Presto’s Fountain Hot Air Popper. As the name suggests, watch as your airy kernels overflow from the center popper, making up to 20 cups of the delicious snack. After it’s cooked, the lid doubles as a serving bowl, so your guests can step right up and get their fill.

4. Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker

Whether you want classic buttered popcorn or want to try a savory flavor, Cusinart’s table-top popper makes the snack effortlessly with just a flip of the switch. With built-in vents, moisture escapes to ensure that cloud-like puff in every batch. When you’re done, remove the lid and other attachments and toss them in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

5. Retro 2.5 oz. Kettle Popcorn Maker

Unbranded’s old-school popcorn maker is for serious popcorn fans. Unlike the other models, this machine offers some serious, artisan features, including a built-in kernel stirrer (for an even pop), a tilted serving door (for easy scooping) and a lighted interior (to set the mood.)

6. Whirly Pop Old Fashioned Popcorn Combo Pack

Want to make popcorn the old-fashioned way? Whirly Pop’s popcorn kit has everything you need to make a bowl of the fluffy stuff right on your stovetop. The pack includes a heavy-duty 6-quart metal popping pan, gourmet kernels, and savory seasoning.

7. Dash SmartStore Stirring Popcorn Machine

This model by Dash is a step-up from their other small popper, featuring a larger bowl that uses oil to pop kernels instead of hot air. Its stand-out feature, however, is its automatic stirring bar that keeps kernels moving for even results. Once everything looks good to go, pop off the lid and serve your snack in it as a serving bowl.

8. Wabash Valley Farms Premium Popcorn Set

This gourmet popcorn set makes an easy gift for popcorn aficionado friends and family. It features the same Whirly Pop durable pan and includes three jars of artisan kernels: white, yellow, and medley. It also includes a jar of movie popcorn seasoning and a corn-coconut oil blend for the perfect pop.

Not feeling butter? Watch the video below for a savory masala-flavored popcorn, instead. 

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