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‘Tis the season for skiing and snowboarding. While many of us are eager to get on the slopes, our snow pants are a little weary. For some, season after season of wear-and-tear have left our bibs on the brink of breakdown. Others might be in the market for their very first pair. Whatever your reasoning (or ski-level,) you’ve come to the right place—we’ve scoured the internet for the best snow pants for women at every budget. Whether this is your first time on the bunny hill or your 10th year of alpine touring, we’ve got you covered.

The best snow pants for women at every budget

Between $100-$250

The North Face, Freedom Insulated Pant — $169.00

For an affordable, warm, and waterproof snow pant, you can’t go wrong with the Freedom Insulated Pant from The North Face. They’re insulated for cold, snowy rides on the chairlift, but provide ample ventilation where you need it most (so things won’t get swampy). They also come in short and long lengths, so if you’re someone who struggles to find juuust the right fit, check these durable pants out.

What reviews say: “These pants are amazing for skiing. They’re so comfortable, flexible, and cute, I would wear them around the house if i could. They’re super lightweight, but not in a cheap way. Skiing 8 hours is a breeze with these, you won’t be cold once” — The North Face customer

Patagonia, Insulated Snowbelle Pant — $199.00

These Patagonia pants are another top choice for resort skiing and snowboarding. The 2L waterproof shell sloughs off snow, while the light-but-warm Thermogreen insulation keeps body heat in, even if somehow you do get wet. As for features, there’s an adjustable moisture-wicking waistline to keep you comfortable, inner thigh venting, and adjustable gaiters.

What reviews say: “My favorite ski pants to date, I love that the have the zipper breathable sections and are long enough! I have had many ski pants be too short and these fit perfect. Great color selection also” — Patagonia customer

Burton, Society Pant — $155.00

Performance meets style in Burton’s Society Pants. As for technical features, it has everything you want out of a ski or snowboard pant, including taped seams to stop leaks, lightweight insulation to keep you warm, and a laminate coating that blocks snow and wicks sweat. The looks are really sleek—while other snow pants are baggy these have clean, tapered lines and a slimmer fit for a sleeker silhouette.

What reviews say: “These pants are perfect. They’re super comfortable and warm to ride in… Just enough room to move around without being cut off at the waist when I bend down to buckle my bindings. Plenty of room for a light pair of leggings underneath too!” — Burton customer

Between $250-$450

Outdoor Research, Carbide Bibs — $299.00

If you’re looking for a mid-priced snow pants that are versatile enough to take you on and off the resort, Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs are a good bet. Note: they are bibs, so they feature the coverall design opposed to a separate pant. However, this style is great for keeping your base and mid-layers dry, not to mention keeps your pants from falling down.

What reviews say: “My first bibs, and I’m very happy with them! Great in the backcountry, with plenty of ventilation. Warm enough for resort skiing” — Outdoor Research customer

Norrona, Lyngen Flex1 Pant — $260.00

If you do want a traditional snow pant, the Lyngen Flex1 by Norrona is an excellent choice. They’re super stretchy and durable, designed for ski touring in the backcountry (but warm enough for chilly lift rides, too). Expect to stay dry and comfortable, thanks to the windproof nylon outer shell, while features like the snow gaiters and heavy-duty cuffs keep snow out.

What reviews say: “The best ski trousers that I could find on the market. Great textiles, lovely colors and perfect for every winter temperature. I’m looking forward to buying another pair next year” — Norrona customer

Mountain Hardwear, Boundary Ridge Gore-Tex Bib — $400.00

Another bib that’s way worth the price. This is a fully decked-out bib that’s designed for serious snow days, including a 3L Gore-Tex outer with sealed seams and RECCO technology. It’s also loaded with pockets, meaning you can carry your phone, hand warmers, an extra buff—whatever you need on the slopes can be conveniently (and safely) stored in these hardy pants.

No reviews yet.

Between $450-$600

Arc’Teryx, Sentinel AR Pant — $589.00

If you want to splurge on a pair of hardcore snow pants, these are the ones to buy. For alpine touring especially, these have everything you need to withstand weather without sweating yourself out. On the inside, the brushed liner provides a plush, flannel-like feel that keeps you warm, while the easy-access side vents give you that burst of air when you need it most. If touring and backcountry adventures are your thing, then these are your pants.

What reviews say: “Finally!!! I finally have a pair of ski pants that fit right! They are just loose enough that layering will be perfect, but not too loose to be crazy baggy. The range of motion and movement I have is the best I’ve ever had” -Arc’Teryx Customer

Flylow, Siren Bib — $500.00

Airy but durable and built to last, these bibs are another pair worth the splurge. Similar to the Arc’Teryx, they’re built for maximum mobility and airflow trekking out of resort bounds. That means they’re breathable, stretchy, and lightweight. There’s also a convenient kangaroo pouch for storage and a half-height bib that ensures breathability while still allowing for maximum coverage.

What reviews say: “I’ve been looking for simple, comfy bibs for forever, and I finally found them. The Siren bibs are lightweight, fit loose and comfortable but not too baggy. The pockets are big enough to fit a beacon… They’re easy to unzip to go to the bathroom, the pant cuffs are just right, and the bib straps are nice and long with lots of adjustability. So glad I found them!” -Backcountry customer

Holden, Skinny Alpine Pant — $495.00

For the ski fashionista, you can’t go wrong with Holden. The brand makes gorgeous, high-quality snow apparel that look as good on the slopes as they do at apres. These slim-cut pants created a more tailored fit without compromising flexibility and movement. They’re waterproof with fully-taped seams and loaded with features, including zippered leg gussets, snow gaiters and boot hooks, and a high-back to keep the snow out.

No reviews yet.

What to consider when buying snow pants

Like any piece of athletic equipment, not all snow pants are created equal. What you’re looking to do in your snow pants will likely determine what kind of pants to look for in first place.

Beginner skiiers and casual resort riders—you’ll probably be comfortable in a mid-priced snow pant that keeps you warm and dry, but doesn’t necessarily have all the bells-and-whistles as a touring pant. You’ll need it to be waterproof (of course), but you’re also going to want to look for something with a little more insulation—cold rides on the chair lift and time waiting in line for the gondola adds up. The extra padding can keep you warm during down time.

Now, if you are planning on venturing out of resort bounds and doing a little backcountry exploration, a lighter pant or shell will be better when you start to sweat mid-trek. Insulation is still important, sure, as is waterproofness, but mobility and breathability are key (and you can always layer!) Same goes for the technical features—things like venting (for when you do get sticky), adjustable gaiters (for keeping snow out of your boots) and sealed pockets (for safely storing personal belongings and, most important, an avalanche beacon) are essential.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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