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CBD isolate is one of the three main types of cannabidiol (CBD), along with the full spectrum and broad spectrum varieties. Generally speaking, there is not a dramatic difference between any of these three types of CBD. You still get most of the same general health benefits, such as relief from pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, seizure activity, and more. 

 What makes CBD isolate unique is still important to understand, especially if you are thinking of buying and trying CBD for the first time. Depending on what you want to get out of taking CBD, isolate may or may not be for you. If you are new to CBD, here is a quick guide to CBD isolate so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for you. 


What Is Different About CBD Isolate? 

The main difference between CBD isolate and the other two types comes down to the amount of other cannabinoids and other chemical compounds that they contain. Cannabinoids is the family of chemical compounds found in cannabis that all have similar properties. CBD is one of the most well known of these compounds, and THC — the psychoactive component in marijuana that makes you high — is the other. But there are several others which are not as well known, but they all share similar properties and benefits.  

Full spectrum CBD goes through very little refinement, so it has virtually all of the natural compounds found in hemp, including THC. Broad spectrum CBD typically removes the THC (but not always), and still includes many of the other compounds. That means there are slight differences between how they will affect you. 

CBD isolate, on the other hand, is fully refined until it only contains 100% pure CBD, with no other element remaining from the original plant. Unlike the other two types, you also will not usually find it in oil form. Instead, it typically comes in a crystal-like or powder form. Those can be added to oil or food, however. You can also often find CBD isolate in a concentrated form. 


What Are the Benefits of CBD Isolate? 

There are three main reasons why you would want to use CBD isolate instead of the other two types: 

 1.  You want to be certain there is no trace of THC in it at all 

2.  You want to test if it is the CBD that is helping you vs one of the other compounds in hemp 

3.  You want concentrated CBD that is more potent 

 The drawback of isolate is that while the CBD itself may be good quality, the lack of other compounds may not help you as much as a whole. This is because of the entourage effect — when all the cannabinoid compounds in cannabis are combined, they boost the effect of each other more than if you take them separately. It also helps you get a wider array of benefits that other cannabinoids can provide.  

 Getting concentrated isolate from top quality CBD isolate manufacturers can help make up for that, but only for the specific benefits of CBD compared to the other compounds. When it comes to CBD, that mostly means things like relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and improving your quality of sleep. However, you may find that you have different results than you would get from more common kinds of CBD.


What Are the Different Kinds of CBD Isolate Products? 

You will not often find as much variety in CBD isolate products compared to broad or full spectrum varieties. This is mainly because isolate is not as popular as the other two types, due to the lack of the entourage effect. However, you will typically find the following: 

  • Crystals to use in vapes 
  • Powder to ingest or add to food and drinks 
  • Vape pens 
  • Capsules to swallow 
  • Topical creams to rub on your skin 
  • Chews to eat 
  • Oil and tinctures to swallow 

One of the main benefits for CBD isolate is that, in its powder form, it often comes as water soluble. This makes it the best kind of CBD to mix in with drinks. This is because regular CBD typically comes in the form of oil, which will stay separated in a drink and won’t mix. The other way is to steep hemp flower in a drink like tea, which can take a lot longer and might have a less pleasant taste.  

In the end, you may find that CBD isolate is not the right type for you. However, if any of the benefits above match what you need, then it will still be able to offer the same general benefits of CBD. This will be especially helpful for people who have to take drug tests for work, or other reasons, and have to be absolutely sure they have no THC in their system. The concentrated varieties of isolates can help you make up for not having the entourage effect. 




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