alive’s October 2021 Challenge: Make Time for Self-Care

Hey there, let’s say you’ve got a long weekend coming up. How will you fill that extra time?
a) Catch up on chores
b) Plan something exciting for the kids
c) Spend time with an aging parent or relative
d) Do something you love, like golfing or reading for pleasure
If you answered a), b), or c), ask yourself: Are you making enough time for self-care? Women in particular are twice as likely as men to act as a caregiver to someone in their life, and they may miss their own self-care in the process.
Self-care is a key component of good health, and it’s unique to each person—one person’s bubble bath is another’s mountain peak. It’s not the activity that matters, but how it relaxes or revives you. The steps you take this month will help you start (or improve) your self-care practice.
As you probably know by now, each week of alive’s 12 Months of Wellness focuses on one mini goal as a stepping stone toward the bigger monthly objective. You’ll find the weekly focuses with key tips below.

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