Brown Rice Protein : Sprouted and Bio-Fermented

When it comes to protein, QUALITY over QUANTITY is the name of the game! As humans, we need relatively low to moderate amounts of protein for optimal health. At Sprout Living, we know that it’s the ease of breakdown and absorption of our brown rice protein and other protein sources that really counts.

By sprouting our organic brown rice (and even taking it one step further with bio-fermentation), we unlock amino acids, create shorter protein molecule chains and drastically improve the body’s ability to actually utilize the nutrients found in our sprouted and bio-fermented brown rice protein powder, Epic Protein! This line of sprouted brown rice protein powders is very hypoallergenic and easy to digest, making it a safe and easy way to add protein to your diet without dealing with bloaty, nauseous side effects. Try it in Original, Vanilla Lucuma, Chocolate Maca and Green Kingdom!

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