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Downsizing Before a Move: Simple Tips Every Senior Can Implement Today

Moving homes is an eventual fact most of us have to deal with – tedious and often boring, but necessary. Whether you’ve outgrown your place or your family has moved on, the downsizing that accompanies every move is ideal for a fresh start in a new setting.


According to a study by Laval University, downsizing is one of the top reasons people aged 54 to 63 decide to move. However, if you find yourself burdened with too much stuff and too little space, consider the following tips from Theseniorsvoice for an effortless downsizing experience. 


Set Up a Decluttering Plan

Expert organizers swear by the following 4 methods:


  1. KonMari method: This one’s famous – find what “sparks joy”! Organize the clutter by category and begin eliminating it from there.
  2. Four-box method: This practice divides up items by their ultimate use. Choose to either keep, trash/recycle, sell, or donate


  1. One-a-day method: Get rid of one thing each day, or a number of things each day according to the day of the month (for example, 8 things for the 8th of the month and so on).


The goal of any decluttering effort is to be surrounded by the things you need and love rather than years’ worth of clutter, so pick a method and go with it.



You’ll need to make decisions about items you’ve had for years (perhaps decades), so we understand that downsizing can be difficult. Just stick to your chosen strategy, move room by room, and take it item by item. Be sure to have measurements for your new space ready so you’ll know exactly what will fit and work. 


Look to the Future

A great way to find the perfect property for your golden years is to look up online listings and advertisements in newspapers. Even walking around your dream neighborhood will alert you to the houses for sale, making it easy to contact the owner.


Before moving on, you’ll have to tie up loose ends in your old home, including any upgrades to increase its resale value. This way, you’ll have the home lined up with a buyer, and rental income flowing in to supplement that retirement fund. Do some research on which projects make the most sense for your space and will have buyers lining up. For example, if your kitchen is old, do a light renovation. Even something small, like switching up cabinetry and hardware, can have a big impact on the future value of your home. 


Reminisce and Digitize

It’s likely that you’ve built up collections of memorabilia from travel and friends, especially if you’ve lived in the same place for a long time. If you know you’re going to miss an item, but there’s absolutely nowhere for it to go, keep it in your life forever by digitizing it into an album or online folder. This way, your treasures and keepsakes will remain with you for years to come, and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will experience those memories, too.



Remember, you’re never alone. If the decluttering gets particularly tiresome, get your friends and family to stop by and help. According to this article by BizJournal, 30-40 percent of seniors move to be closer to family, so having your loved ones help is a great way to keep them around through the process. If you’re moving nearby, getting them to do a couple of trips dropping off boxes will be a great way to save on moving costs. 


Our most important tip? Stay positive through it all. Downsizing can seem like a mammoth task with a mountain of things to sort through, but the more you keep at it, the sooner you’ll be done. Get your friends over, put on some music or a podcast and make an event out of it. You’ll be done in no time and free of all that baggage. 


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