Dr. Loretta Skin-Tightening Detox Mask Revived My Dull Skin

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My skin-care routine is minimal. And I mean extremely minimal. Partially it’s because half the time I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing or which products I should be using, aside from a cleanser and moisturizer. The other half of the time, it’s because I’m very basic when it comes to beauty—I’m a creature of habit, and I don’t like switching up my routine. But every now and then, a new product comes along that I want to try, and that’s the case for the Dr. Loretta Tightening Detox Mask ($55). Unless I’m hanging out with my pre-teen niece on a spa day, I usually don’t use masks, and I’ve learned to check my expectations about what instant-gratification products can actually do for my skin. But I genuinely love this mask.

I tend to refrain from straight-up saying I love a product when I haven’t used it for a long period of time, but there are exceptions to the rule. Unlike what I imagined, the Dr. Loretta Tightening Detox Mask doesn’t make your face feel like it’s vacuumed sealed, and instead has a jelly consistency and instantly absorbs into your skin. As soon as I washed the mask off my skin felt so smooth. I’m no dermatologist, but speaking anecdotally, I felt like the mask helped the moisturizer and face oil I use to absorb into my skin better, and overall made my skin appear refreshed. The following morning, my skin was soft and hydrated, a few breakouts I had were less inflamed and visible, and I was *glowing*. I haven’t used this mask for a long time but I definitely foresee it becoming a staple in my skin-care routine. As they say: “When you know, you know.”

If your skin has been seeming a little blah lately, this mask will give it the reviving boost that it needs. Tetrapeptide-4 helps to uplift the skin and protect it from any blue light damage (if you’re on your phone or computer often this is a must!); yeast extract will detoxify your pores, which can help minimize the appearance of large pores; and strawberry seed extract helps protect your skin from environmental aggressors. You can apply this mask for 20 minutes as you begin to wind down, or if you sense your skin needs some extra TLC, leave it on overnight and let it work its magic.

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