Five Simple Solutions To Try Today •

There are various reasons why people find they are unable to focus as much as they once could. But whatever the reason, there are several simple solutions you can try to boost your concentration. Here are five that work the best.


1. Get Enough Sleep

 When you do not get enough sleep, your focus can easily become disrupted, as can other cognitive functions like memory. While occasional sleep deprivation will not cause too many issues, if you do not regularly get enough sleep, your mood, your performance at work, and your overall focus can all suffer. Not getting enough sleep can also slow down your reflexes and your motivation. So, ensure you get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night, and you will see your concentration improve. If you find it difficult to sleep, try tips like:

  •   Keeping your bedroom at a cool and comfortable temperature.
  •   Turning off all devices before going to bed.
  •   Winding down before bedtime with a book, soft music, or a bath.


2. Take Cognizin® to Improve Your Mental Focus

 The chemical citicoline naturally occurs in the brain. It is turned into acetylcholine, which enables your brain’s neurons to communicate. Those connections are essential for mental function and they play a large part in recalling memories. But what is Cognizin? Is it the same as citicoline? Basically, Cognizin is a proprietary form of citicoline. Many clinical studies have shown Cognizin can help support mental energy, increased memory, enhanced neurological function, and focus. The supplement form of citicoline is often used by people suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s, but it is also increasingly being used by people who want to boost their mental focus. Different studies have shown Cognizin can improve motor speed and attention, as well as attentional focus and inhibitions.


3. Play Brain Games

 Many studies have shown that playing certain types of games can help you to concentrate better. According to one study, published by the National Library of Medicine in 2015, spending just fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, performing brain training activities like playing certain games, has a huge impact on improving focus. Brain games also help you to develop your short-term memory and improve your problem-solving skills. So, do regular brain games like the following to improve your concentration:

  •   Jigsaw puzzles.
  •   Crosswords.
  •   Sudoku.
  •   Word searches.
  •   Memory games.


4. Make Sure You Work Out Regularly

You do not have to be a full-on fitness buff, but doing a little exercise every day can really help to increase your concentration levels. According to a 2018 study published by BioMed Research International, which involved 116 fifth-graders, the results suggested daily physical activity can help to improve both attention and concentration after only a period of four weeks. Other studies show daily exercise can help to prevent or even reverse memory loss in elderly people.


5. Change Your Diet and Drink Plenty of Water

 What you put into your body can affect cognitive functions like memory and focus. So, you can easily improve your concentration by avoiding certain processed foods like greasy foods, processed foods, and foods that contain too much sugar and eating more foods that are known to boost focus. Good options include:

  •   Fatty fish like trout and salmon.
  •   Blueberries.
  •   Spinach.
  •   Eggs.

 It is not only food that can help to boost your focus. Staying hydrated also has a positive impact on concentration. Do not underestimate how important it is to drink sufficient amounts of water each day. Even mild dehydration can make it more difficult to focus. So, drink between eleven and fifteen cups of water every day. When you combine a healthier diet with the other solutions listed above, you should boost your focus in no time.



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