Fort Valley broker renovates homes to help city’s economy

This year, Ralph Davis’ goal is to “flip” 10 Fort Valley homes. He sees this as a way to grow the middle class, which then grows the local economy.

FORT VALLEY, Ga. — One Fort Valley man taking the thought of rebuilding the city he calls home to heart.

Entering the house located less than a mile from Fort Valley State University, one would never know the state it was in before Ralph Davis got his hands on it.

Davis is the managing broker at his own real estate firm, M.I.H. Investments.

“One house at a time. We’re trying to fix up the community and bring some money back into it,” said Davis.

Last year, he and his wife started the journey of revitalizing Fort Valley homes, completing three projects. They’re currently working on another three.  

It’s a part of their mission to grow the city’s economy.

“For the economy to get better — the schools, the neighborhood — you have to grow the middle class,” said Davis, “And if there are no housing opportunities, they won’t come.”

The Fort Valley resident has always seen that potential — it’s why he ran for mayor in 2017.  

“I didn’t win, but I can still do my part to move the city along.”

The current mayor, Barbara Williams, couldn’t agree more.

“Now, people are beginning to looking to see at what’s not there to envision what can be there,” said Williams.

She said she’s always appreciated people like Davis who have ambition to make things better.

“You may not see it now, but your grandchildren will or your great-grandchildren will.”

Davis’ hope is that despite Fort Valley’s stigma, others will also see what could grow.

“Hopefully, I can start and be successful with it, and draw more money, and more interest, more developers and investors into the community,” said Davis.

Davis also works with sellers who want to renovate but can’t afford repairs to help them raise their asking price.

His goal is to fix and sell 10 homes this year.

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