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Green Beans with Dukkah

Subbing Middle Eastern dukkah for classic toasted almonds with your green beans is like taking your first international trip (or the first in a long time …) and (re)discovering that there’s a world of flavour out there. Dukkah is a blend of toasted nuts and spices that varies from region to region and home to home, so feel free to substitute pistachios (which you might already have for the glazed oyster mushrooms and caramelized parsnips), almonds, peanuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, or sunflower seeds for some or all of the hazelnuts, and play with the type and amount of seeds. Dukkah also makes for a crunchy, nutty addition to the persimmon salad. You probably won’t mind that this recipe makes a little extra.

If you’re using a blender to chop the seeds, you’ll be tempted to use it to crush the hazelnuts, too, but don’t! The blender will grind the nuts to a meal instead of coarse pieces, making for a much less fun texture.

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