Grilled Citrus Chipotle Icelandic Cod

Cedar-plank grilling is an exceptional way to cook fish without fear of overcooking. Hints of wood smoke penetrate the flesh to add depth while retaining moisture. Cod is commonly available already smoked in many stores, but it can often taste oversalted and dry. Our version suggests using fresh cod from Iceland; grilling on soaked cedar provides smoky overtones while keeping it moist and tasty. Delicious with a new-potato salad and grilled veggies.

Best beer? With the smoky chipotle and orange glaze, this dish is delicious paired with a fresh honey lager or crisp pilsner.

Cedar-plank grilling can
provide variety by soaking planks in liquids other than water. Options such as
beer, cider, wine, or sake infuse subtle and intriguing hints of flavour to
whatever you’re grilling.

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