Help! Why Do My Leggings Roll Down?

The workday is behind you and you’re ready to dedicate an hour to moving your body. Maybe you’re hopping on the subway to head to a yoga class, or heading out the front door for a run around you local park. Either way, you get about 10 minutes into your workout and—bam—your leggings start shimmying down your torso and bunching uncomfortably on your legs. (Ugh! They have one job!) We’ve all been there, but Casey Ho—internet-renowned TikTok-er and founder of Blogilates—says there’s an easy trick to predict if your bottoms are going to roll down and ruin your workout. And it only takes 30 seconds.

“When you’re working out, your leggings should not be sagging in your crotch and your booty, and should definitely not be sliding down. The truth is: Not all leggings are created equal,” says Ho in a recent Instagram post. Fortunately, Ho has whipped up a simple “stretch and recovery test” to help you size up your leggings before your next sweat sesh. All you need is a ruler, your leggings collection, and a little bit of arm strength. Once you’re ready, grab one pair and measure the waistband. Take note of how many inches it is, then go ahead and pull the top of the leggings in opposite directions for 30 seconds. When you remeasure the waistband afterward, your leggings should not have budged an inch. (For example, if they were 14 inches at the start of this little experiment, they should still be 14 inches once you’ve done your very best to stretch them.)

Once you’ve completed this test with all your leggings, you should have a nice pile of pairs that will have your back—er, waist—through chaturangas, burpees, and miles. It’s up to you what you do with the rest of the lot. Perhaps you banish them to the bottom of your leggings drawer (a horrible fate), designate them as your “lounge” leggings, or donate them. Whatever you decide, know that you’ll no longer have to worry about spending half of your precious fitness time hoisting your leggings up and over your butt again and again (and again).

Hey, life is all about the small victories.

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