Maple Butternut Apple Salad with Granola Croutons

Maple Butternut Apple Salad with Granola Croutons

Here, the breakfast favourite, granola, serves as a crunchy topping for this salad featuring seasonal delights, including sweet butternut and apple. The maple-date dressing is sure to be kid-approved. You can add cooked lentils to move it from side dish to complete plant-based meal. If desired, swap out butternut for pumpkin or sweet potato and add a creamy touch with feta or soft goat cheese. 

Soft and oh-so sweet, Medjool dates are a great way to add natural sweetness to everything from baked goods to DIY energy bars and dressings. You’ll also benefit from their fibre and nutrients, including vitamin B6 and potassium, which aren’t found in refined sugar.

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