Meditation Workspaces That Will Inspire You to Create Your Own

While mindful moments can be woven into any milieu, some companies are going out of their way to create stylish meditation spaces.

Corporate giants have been making the switch from cubicles to open concept offices over the past decade. A recent case study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that an increase in distractions from being in an open work environment can impair collaboration and increase stress.

While mindful moments can be woven into any milieu, some companies are going out of their way to create stylish meditation spaces that take “alone time” at work to a new level. (No word yet on a meditation pod that works for Zoom meetings, though.)

1) OpenSeed Meditation Pod

OpenSeed has designed an egg-shaped meditation pod made of a sound-isolating wood and wool-felt shell. LED lights programmed to synchronize with guided audio meditations and calming sounds, an essential oil diffuser, noise-canceling headphones, and a touch screen to operate its functions make for a luxurious and private spot for a quick office cry.

2) The Immersive Spaces Series

The Immersive Spaces Series, an ongoing project by Office of Things, explores the effects of light, space, and sound through their meditation chambers—several of which are installed in the Google and YouTube corporate offices. Each chamber offers a calming experience heightened by sleek design elements, gentle sounds, and soft fuschia, blue, purple, and pink light.

3) Rainbow Arches Flagship-Store-Headquarter-Office Hybrid

Rainbow Arches—a brand focused on meditation and therapy—contracted BEHIVE Architects to design their flagship-store-headquarter-office hybrid in Shanghai, China. An open oval-shaped meditation salon is used as a meditation room for customers and employees or as a meeting space for staff, and can function as an entertainment or activity hall.

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