Outdoor Voices’ New Snacks Collection Just Dropped

In a sea of autumn athleisure and activewear launches, Outdoor Voices just dropped quite possibly the only one that matters. Why? Because it’s all about snacking, one of our favorite activities, up there with moving our bodies and getting outside. Now, you can do all three of those with the brand’s new legging and sports bra set, designed to make packing and snacking on-the-go that much easier.

Dubbed “Snacks,” this sports bra and leggings set is here to make you everybody’s favorite hiking buddy—aka, the one who brings food. If you’ve ever been out on the trail without granola or a protein bar, or worse, bogged down under a cumbersome backpack that’s brimming with gear, then this is the set for you.

Both the Snacks Sports Bra ($68) and Snacks 7/8 Leggings ($118) are made in the brand’s SuperForm fabric, which is designed to keep sweat at bay throughout even your most high-intensity workouts. But the real star of the show is the number of pockets in each piece—there are so. many. pockets. So many! All strategically placed to make carrying personal belongings, gear, and most importantly, snacks, way easier.

While the sports bra just has one pocket, the leggings are stacked with ample room to store larger items, like water bottles and sunscreen. Each pair also comes with a removable mini-backpack that snaps onto your pants for easy storage, plus shirt loops (so no more carrying the layers you slough off mid-trek).

Pockets aside, the colors might be the dreamiest part. Both the leggings and sports bra are available in three trendy colors: Deep Taupe, which is a dusty rose with lilac elastic, Cider, a sunflower yellow and beige combo, and Tea Tree, which is monochrome olive green.

Snacking just got way more stylish. This fall, pack out with this food-friendly activewear duo, guaranteed to make you the most popular friend amongst your trail buds.

Skip the fanny pack with the OV Snacks Legging and Sports Bra

Snacks Sports Bra and Legging in Cider

Snacks Sports Bra and Legging in Tea Tree

Snacks Sports Bra — $68.00

Look effortless in this sleek, olive green that goes well with the matching leggings and just about anything else.

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