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When Theragun hit the market five years ago, it changed the recovery game for the better. Thanks to the brand’s revolutionary percussive therapy devices, a treatment that used to be reserved for professional athletes was suddenly available to the rest of us. In the half-decade since, the brand changed its name to Therabody and introduced an entire wave of new products—including a portable mini device and a massager that’s literally made out of gold—which have become mainstays of the line. Now, in honor of the brand’s fifth anniversary, Therabody is bundling two of its best-selling products so that you can score ’em at a majorly discounted price.

You can choose to pair either the original Theragun Pro or slightly-smaller-but-still-efficient Theragun Mini with the Wave Roller (the brand’s take on a vibrating foam roller) for the ultimate combination of warm-up and recovery technology. The devices work together to shake out stiffness all over so that your muscles will be prepped and ready for daily movements both on and off the mat.

“Vibrational therapy can help with pain, muscle soreness or tightness, and recovery. It can be an inexpensive alternative to massage to help maintain performance by working out trigger points and knots and preventing the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles,” Michigan-based physical therapist Lauren Lobert, DPT, OMPT, CSCS and owner of APEX Physical Therapy, previously told Well+Good.

The Theragun delivers vibrations in a targeted way that lets you really get into all of the nooks and crannies of your body, and the Wave ups the ante on your usual foam-rolling routine by pairing it with vibrational therapy that reverberates throughout your larger muscle groups. Both can be used as part of your warm-up or recovery routine, or when you’re sitting at your desk and feel like your muscles could use a little extra love. Considering two is better than one, now’s the perfect time to take your massage tech collection to the next level. Shop the double-duty duos—which are available at a discounted price for a limited time.

The Everywhere Set — $299.00

Recover on the go with this Theragun Mini and Wave Roller combo, which are perfect for bringing along on any trip or storing in small spaces. This type of set would regularly run you $348, so snag it now while it’s on sale.

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