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Spiced Orange Cake

This spice cake is the perfect accompaniment to any holiday gathering. It’s not only deliciously perfumed with orange and a heady mixture of spices, reminiscent of gingerbread, but also perfect for those who have food sensitivities, as it’s gluten free and vegan. You can use your favorite brand of dairy-free yogurt for the frosting, but keep in mind that, for this recipe, the thicker the better. For added thickness, you can strain your yogurt through some cheesecloth set in a colander placed over a deep bowl. Depending on how loose your yogurt is, it may take up to overnight to drain.

For a little more indulgence, forgo the frosting and instead drizzle with some chocolate ganache made by whisking together 1 cup (250 mL) warmed coconut cream with 10 oz (285 g) chopped dark chocolate.

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