The 6 Best Bra Tops for a Hot (but Not Sweaty) Girl Summer

On the seesaw of the relationship between seasons and the level of clothing one normally wears during each, for many, summer is marked by an increase in temperature and a sharp decrease in desire to wear layers of clothing. The word July alone may be enough to conure imagery of swamps. Other strong visuals? Jeans being nothing but a constricting recipe for chafing, sleeved shirts meaning sweat stains galore, and bras that feel like sticky-sweaty torture devices. That’s where bra tops can come in to save the day.

Bra tops can take on a number of styles: Some are flirty, longline, lacy bralettes, others are high-neck sports bras with a little extra support, while others take the form of trendy plunging numbers with a wider band that keeps everything in place while being versatile enough for a workout or a night out.

The best part about these bras tops is that they double as shirts (and crucially offer more coverage than a regular T-shirt bra). Because they provide you with the perfect combination of support and body coverage—while also limiting the summer-sweat factor of being trapped under multiple articles of clothing—bra tops may also save you some money because you only need a single two-in-one garment instead of two individual pieces.

Scroll down for six different bra top styles to wear for whatever your summer has in store.

The 6 best bra tops for more support and less sweat

Stella McCartney Yasmen Grooving F84 Bustier — $150.00

This versatile strapless style is perfect to wear under a strapless dress or shirt for extra support, under an oversized blazer, on just on its own. The soft mesh panels ensure that nothing is digging into your skin, and the sweetheart neckline adds an extra flirty factor.

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Alala Aurora Bra — $75.00

Perfect for high-impact workouts or a sporty street style look, this three-tone sports bra has an elevated aesthetic thanks to its shiny gold panel. It’s supremely supportive due to its compression fabric and dual straps, and it is also part of a set, with matching high-rise leggings available to complete the look.

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Outdoor Voices Athena Crop Top — $48.00

This crop top, which comes in seven colors, offers the support of a bra, a high neck that protects your décolletage from sun damage, and the streamlined fit of a classic crop top that you can pair with a flowy maxi skirt or a laid-back pair of denim shorts.

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Morgan Lane CIci Top — $198.00

Love the nap dress? What about a nap-ready bra top? This Bridgerton-style silky top has cinching below the breast and a top ruffle, so your gals are protected but don’t have to be trapped beneath a bra. The adjustable shoulder straps mean that you can fit the top to your preference, and the matching bottoms mean that you can wear the top as a set, as pajamas, or dress it up on its own.

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