The 9 Best Pajama Shorts Sets for Springtime Sleeping

Even with the quarantine lifestyle urging a great many of us to embrace dressing ourselves in a decidedly more comfortable way all the time, there’s still a special feeling that comes with being able to swap your daytime comfies for your nighttime ones. This outfit shift can signify that the workday is done, and it’s officially time for some R&R. And with the help of pajama short sets, the outfit change can still yield a cohesive and stylish look—through spring and beyond.

As seasons change, you can avoid dreaded night sweats with the help of pajama shorts sets. They’re fun, flirtyand—if they’re short enough—can feel like you’re just wearing comfy undies that are slumber-party acceptable. Below, find our picks for the best pajama shorts sets to add to your nighttime rotation.

9 of the best pajama shorts sets to add to your nighttime rotation this spring and beyond.

1. Flora Nikrooz Stephanie Knit Short Pajamas, $39

Looking for something simple, soft, and the opposite of sweaty? These stretchy PJs feature a loose racerback tank and barely there lace-trimmed shorts that provide a subtly sexy undertone.

Shop now: Flora Nikrooz Stephanie Knit Short Pajamas, $39

2. Soma Restore Aloe Knit Shorts, $40

Soma’s newest collection made with aloe-infused fibers is about as comfortable as it gets. Rest easy while your pajama shorts set does the work to soothe, cool, and moisturize your skin. The fabric is oh-so soft, and the skin-saving benefits of the aloe won’t rinse out after a few washes.

Shop now: Soma Restore Aloe Knit Shorts, $40

3. Topshop Kourtney Satin Short Pajamas, $35

Nothing says luxury like slinking into bed wearing satin. The vintage menswear-inspired piping elevates the silhouette, while the bright teal colorway keeps the look fun and light.

Shop now: Topshop Kourtney Satin Short Pajamas, $35

4. Mason Grey Naomi Set, $82

Photo: Mason Grey

Known for its iconic onesies, Mason Grey also makes a whole host of other supremely cozy nightwear. This star-studded pajama shorts set is versatile enough for a long snooze, a midday nap, or a weekend lounge around the house.

Shop now: Mason Grey Naomi Set, $82

5. Eberjey Gisele Short Pajamas, $98

When it comes to sleep style, Eberjey is top-notch. The brand’s best-selling, loose jersey set is classic, cozy, cute, and offers 17 unique colorways to choose from.

Shop now: Eberjey Gisele Short Pajamas, $98

6. Reformation Cameran Pajama Set, $98

Loose-fitting with soft, elastic-waist shorts, this pink, piped set is a sustainability win and is sleepover-approved.

Shop now: Reformation Cameran Pajama Set, $98

7. Skims Cotton Sleep Bundle, $66

Looking to rest easy feeling like a Kardashian? This Skims set combines two of the brand’s classics into one bundle that’s perfect for snoozing. Fitted but still breathable, the cotton duo is sporty while still exuding total I stole this from my boyfriend energy.

Shop now: Skims Cotton Sleep Bundle, $66

8. Roller Rabbit Hathi Short Pajamas, $98

If you don’t want to take yourself too seriously when it comes to your sleepwear, try this pajama shorts set, featuring elephant print on Peruvian cotton.

Shop now: Roller Rabbit Hathi Short Pajamas, $98

9. Rya Collection Darling Short Pajamas, $98

This silky charmeuse pajama shorts set set screams sexy—it’s made to be seen and appreciated. The sheer, lace sides on the top and the bottom are covered in floral brocade, and the cross back keeps everything in to prevent nighttime slippage.

Shop now: Rya Collection Darling Short Pajamas, $98

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