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Who doesn’t want flawless, youthful looking skin for as long as possible?  Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  Like any part of your body you want to take care of it for it to be at its best.  Your skin is important because it defends from microbes, bacteria, UV rays, and the elements.  It is the first line of defense to your body.  It also helps your body regulate temperatures.  Give you the sensations of touch, heat and cold.  As well as helping with absorption and excretion.  It is important to take care of your skin so that it can help you with all these things.  

There are a few things you can do though to keep your skin flawless, and glowing.  Remember that with anything it can take some time to repair your skin if you haven’t been taking care of it your whole life.  


Best Skin Practices

One of the first things you need to make sure you do every single day is remove your makeup before you fall asleep.  No matter how tired you are, get a cotton washcloth and some warm water and wipe that makeup off.  Make sure when removing you are gentle with your touches especially around your eye area, this skin is very delicate. 

Now that you have wiped off your makeup another thing that can really transform your skin is getting enough sleep at night.  Lack of sleep can make your skin look dull. 

Also make sure your pillow case is changed or washed.  Germs can build up on your pillowcase, which then can transfer straight onto your face.  

One of the main lifestyle changes you can do to get your best skin is hydrate.  Hydrating inside and out is so important.  Make sure you are drinking enough water during the day.  Also make sure you are moisturizing your skin daily. 

Adding regular workouts are also super healthy for your body, but also your skin.  Working out helps boost your body’s circulation, allowing your skin to give off a glow. 

Wearing sunglasses year round can also help protect your skin.  It doesn’t just protect your eyes which is also very important, but it can protect the delicate skin around your eyes as well. 

Make sure you are cleaning your phone.  Your phone can also be a breeding ground for bacteria that can go up directly onto your face when you talk on the phone. 

Another thing you can do is to learn to manage your stress.  Stress can wreak havoc on your skin, causing breakouts and those dreaded worry lines. 

Depending on the weather make sure you are protecting your skin from the elements, whether this is lathering up in some sunscreen and wearing light-weight products, or bundling up to protect from the cold.  

Invest in your skin care products.  Make sure you are cleansing day and night.  Moisturize at least once a day, maybe even two if you have dry skin.  Add an antioxidant serum to your daily routine as well.  An antioxidant that contains Vitamin C and E can be wonderful to help prevent brown spots and fine lines prematurely. 

A face cream with a sunscreen that you wear daily is a definite must.  Regardless of if it is cloudy, or the dead of winter, the sun still gives off UV rays that can be damaging to your skin. 

Exfoliating once a week is also a great thing to help swoosh away the dead skin left on your skin.  Don’t over exfoliate though, one or two days a week would be enough.  Depending on your type of skin will depend on how extreme your exfoliation should be.  Either try a chemical peel or a soft scrub. 

Another great thing you can add once a week to help your skin is a weekly face mask.  This face mask you can decide what your skin needs whether that’s a moisturizing one, exfoliating, or clay mask.  

Other things to do to boost your skin is to skip makeup and go natural as often as you can.  Going natural can help promote natural oils to form on your skin as well as letting your skin breathe and not be clogged by the makeup. 

Make sure you wash your makeup brushes often.  Bacteria and buildup can form on your brushes, washing them with water and allowing them to dry can allow them to be the best for your skin. 

Visiting your dermatologist frequently will help them determine what your skin is in need of. 

Also getting regular facials can be hugely beneficial.  Though there is so much you can do at home, it isn’t the same as having a professional give you a facial.  


Those are some of the best things you can do for your skin.  So what are some of the worst? 


Things to Avoid For Good Skin

The first one is touching or picking at your skin too much.  Picking at your skin or a pimple can actually cause more bacteria to be pushed into your skin, or bacteria and dirt from your fingers or fingernails to be added to the area which could cause even more inflammation. 

Eating too much junk food can also lead to terrible skin.  This doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all junk foods, but if you are getting most of your food intake from junk food you will want to cut back and switch to a healthier diet. 

Try adding in some green tea to  your diet as well, which actually does wonders for the skin. 

Stay away from tanning beds, or laying out in the sun for too long. 

Frowning and over washing can also damage your skin.  As well as taking hot long showers.  This can dry your skin out hugely causing you to be dry and scaly. 

Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol

Treating acne as a hygiene problem is not always the way to treat acne.  Acne is caused by a hormonal issue, so getting your hormones balanced can help clear up your acne. 

Using the same products all year round can also be a terrible thing to do for your skin.  This is because during different seasons of the year your skin will need different things.  During the winter your skin can have a tendency to be dry, meaning you will need a heavy duty moisturizer.  While in the fall and spring months you can focus on repairing from the winter or summer with exfoliates, and deep cleaning.  During the summer you will want products that protect you from the sun as well as are light weight on the skin so your skin can breathe.  



Your skin being the main barrier between bacteria and the elements means we will want to take care of it.  It is the largest organ of the body.  So doing some if not all of these things to give you flawless, radiant skin.  As well as ditching some of these worse things to do. 

Remember like anything this will take time, don’t expect to try a product for a day or two and get results.  Invest in your skincare and give it time to work.  Get a skincare routine, for your morning and night that you adapt into your life.  A sample routine would be cleansing, moisturizing, serums, with the occasional exfoliation, and then your makeup.  


Treating acne as a hygiene problem is not always the way to treat acne.

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