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The human body is designed so that everything is connected, and we are only just realizing how they are. However, since the evolution of man, everything in our body has worked hand-in-hand for our systems to function adequately. This is one of the reasons why you develop a headache when experiencing an intense toothache.

The truth is that there are signals all over the body, and when something in one part is wrong, the other parts get affected. Although our body can readjust to ease the pain, there is always an initial connection between different body parts.

It is no longer news that people often neglect their oral health as they feel it does not constitute a great deal to the body. On the contrary, though, your dental health is as important to your body as any other system.

According to a Mount Kisco dentist Dr. Goetz, bad oral health can indicate more serious issues in the body. Interestingly, dentists can help patients detect these issues when they have not fully developed by examining the teeth.

Over the years, there has been an increased number of researches trying to validate claims that people with poor oral health are more likely to have a heart attack than others with good oral health. On the other hand, when you have good oral health, the body takes note and circulates a fluid connection that transcends to a healthy system.

Perhaps you wonder if your oral health can be connected to your general well-being and how the connection works. If that is the case, then you are reading the right article. We will answer this question and show you the relationship between your teeth and your general health. Read on.


Heart Failure

Understandably, bad breath can be caused by poor oral hygiene. But what happens when you have good oral health and hygiene? You brush when you are supposed to and floss regularly to avoid any complications from the teeth. However, these efforts prove to be futile as the bad breath still stays firmly. Here is the catch: bad breath can signify gum disease, which can be a catalyst for heart failure.

Another issue that is associated with bad breath is malaria and typhoid. This may not be common with many people, but for some, the way they deduce that they are falling sick is through bad breath. Therefore, early comprehension of these symptoms can save impending doom.

Many people notice after brushing that they see stains of blood in the paste they spit out. They rinse it off and get back to the other activities of the day. However, bleeding gums are part of the indicators of gum disease. They are indicators of diseases that have affected the gums and can also indicate heart disease.



When bacteria are pulled in through the mouth, it gives room for diseases to enter the body. This is because the mouth represents the majority passage for materials that either enhance or derail the body from its original state. Through the intake of substances, it is possible that things get affected and further leading to respiratory diseases.


Alzheimer’s disease

In recent years this disease has dominated airwaves and social media platforms. Dr. Goetz spoke about the connection between the disease and oral health.

Through his research, the poor shape of a patient’s oral health is a sign of Alzheimer’s disease affecting the body. The More oral health fails, the higher the severity of the disease in the body.



Painful mucosal lesions that are evidence of failing oral health are some of the symptoms that HIV/AIDS patients frequently live with.


Gum disease

We have talked a lot about gum disease leading to heart failure; however, there is another starling connection between gum diseases and an individual’s overall health. Gum diseases are peculiar to diabetic patients. Sadly, many people are being affected by bleeding gums, sharp pains in their gums, and not knowing the cause.


What to do?

Early detection and prompt action when you notice the state of your oral health can improve your overall health. Most people remain inactive after seeing issues in their oral health and retort to brush the teeth regularly.

Although bruising and taking care of the teeth and mouth is imperative, there could be a bigger problem that is not fully developed. Hence, knowing that oral health is connected to how your whole body fares will allow you to deal with issues properly.

Indeed, you should ensure to brush your teeth regularly if you want better oral health. It would also be great if you floss every day and use mouthwash to clear food particles that you may not be able to get out.



Oral health can be used as an indicator to gauge how your entire body is faring. One way to effectively maintain the overall health of your body is to schedule regular dentist appointments and avoid putting dangerous materials in the mouth.




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