The Larq Water Pitcher Is the Smartest Purifier Ever

It’s hard not to resist a fancy new food gadget. Trendy machines, like air fryers and Instant Pots, have helped many of us elevate our cooking skills with the push of a button. Beverage-related tools have upped our drinking games, too, transforming us from amateurs to at-home baristas and mixologists in seconds (thanks, burr coffee grinders).

But if there’s one tech-y tool to keep in your kitchen, let it be something that’s designed with the health of your body and our planet in mind. Considering how important hydration is for our overall well-being, and how pure, clean water is becoming harder to access, a good water pitcher is a food gadget that’s worth the investment—and we’ve found just the one.

The Larq Pitcher PureVis ($148) is revolutionizing the way we drink water. Larq, the company that created a self-cleaning water bottle, launched its sleek water pitcher last year on Kickstarter, which quickly gained traction for its modern design and unique double-filtration cleaning system. Now, you’ll find the pitcher online at the MoMA Design Store and Williams Sonoma.

Unlike traditional water filters, which can actually trap dirt, minerals, and other pollutants and just re-contaminate your potable water, Larq uses two filtration processes to give your water the deepest clean. Yes, there is a physical filter that sits in the pitcher’s vessel to collect dirt, bacteria, and other nasty stuff. But these filters—both the Essential ($20) and the Advanced ($30)—are carbon-derived and plant-based, designed to collect toxins like lead,  arsenic, and mercury without cycling them back into your water.

The water inside the pitcher is then purified with a UV filter called “PureVis,”  Larq’s science-backed, patented technology that uses a digital UV light to eradicate germs. This sits in the back of the pitcher and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that also tracks when your filter needs to be replaced. By monitoring flow rate and filter amount, it’ll change colors to tell you when your filter has run its course.

And if you need an extra nudge to swap out those physical filters (it’s easy to forget,  TBH), each pitcher will also connect with the Larq app, which is slated launch later this year. This will serve as your hydration command center, allowing you to see when your filters need to be replaced, as well as water intake levels and even filter recommendations based on the quality of your local water.

We know it can be tempting to buy and trendy new cooking gadget or fancy beverage-making machine. We’re not saying you shouldn’t, but we are saying you should definitely get your hands on this hi-tech water pitcher. It’s just as good for you as it is the planet, double cleaning your drinking water and cutting down your plastic-water bottle consumption in the process.

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