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I‘m not sure about you all, but I learn about all the cool new kitchen gadgets, beauty products, and everything else on social media these days—it’s basically the modern equivalent of one of my favorite pastimes as a kid: watching infomercials. And it was on a friend’s Instagram story that I recently discovered the outdoor Ooni pizza oven. No exaggeration: I have never wanted something more in my life after seeing her make a perfectly crisp pizza in only a minute.

Even from my phone screen, I could tell that this pizza oven had the potential to make even the most novice home cook feel like a Top Chef contestant. I began fantasizing about cooking a pizza on my rooftop with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. And if I ever find friends who enjoy camping, I will absolutely be bringing this portable oven with me.

After a deep dive on Ooni’s site, I discovered that there are a variety of models to choose from—some use gas, others use wood, and some have multi-fuel capabilities. But the best part? They’re all able to cook a fresh pie in just 60 seconds. Dreams really do come true. Check out the Ooni pizza ovens ahead, and get ready to become a pie-making pro.

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In need of recipe inspo? Try this avocado pizza with cauliflower crust: 

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