The Top Kitchen and Home Buys, According to W+G Readers

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The shopping season is nearly behind us, and if you’re still hunting for gifts for those around you, you have my sincerest wishes that you don’t fall into that category for a minute longer than you can help it. To do our part (or to help you discover things that you might want in your life come 2022), we’ve put together a list of the kitchen and home buys that our readers shopped for the most this year.

The truth of the matter is that with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to linger—and with the omicron variant surging around the United States—the home continues to be an important meeting place for us all. We take the responsibility of telling you about the best kitchen and home buys seriously, and we take great pride in seeing how small buys (and big ones!) enhance your mental and physical wellbeing.

Keep reading for the things that our readers shopped for most this year—and come next year, know that we test and try as much as we can so that our guides are in the benefit of you.

always pan

Our Place Always Pan — $145.00

I am not on Instagram, but this pan is. Given the popularity, a few editors—alongside myself took it for a spin—I’ve found that dishes that used to trick even my Teflon have faired well in this, and our Senior Commerce Editor Gina Vaynshteyn Slacked me this, which feels like a poem:

i love it so much/

it’s so easy to clean!/

and i made CHEESY EGGS/

that stick to every pan i own/

but not this one lol

Let’s give her a Pulitzer.

Le Creuset Classic Oval Dutch Oven — $210.00

Part of the appeal of this Dutch Oven is that it lasts forever, and becomes an old friend throughout the years. When we wrote about it, it was on sale for Black Friday, and while that isn’t presently true, the investment is just that—an investment in the meals of your future. Don’t let future you down.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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