This Eucalyptus Sinus Pillow Is a Must-Have for Cold Season

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Come winter, my alter-ego transforms into the Mucinex man. You know the anthropomorphized green blob of snot that wears a fedora and carries a tattered suitcase in the Mucinex commercials? That’s me from, like, December to March. My sinuses are a nightmare when the weather gets chilly. Layer on cold season or worse, the new Covid-19 variant, and I become a walking, talking glob of mucus.

Feelings of drowning in my own snot aside, the pressure in my sinuses is intense. I’ve tried it all to un-clog them, from Neti Pots to gua sha tools, but few things give me sweet relief as well as this minty-scented pillow from Uncommon Goods, which opens up my nose and soothes my swollen sinuses almost instantly.


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If you haven’t shopped from Uncommon Goods before, the marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all things creative and, ahem, uncommon. From personalized jewelry and customizable art, to artisan crafts and small-batch goodies, it’s a treasure trove of unique gifts, all made from independent makers and artists from around the globe.

This leaf-shaped pillow comes from Jane Inc., a mother-daughter duo based in California that makes all-natural herbal products. Each pillow is filled with a natural blend of dried eucalyptus, mint, and flax seed,  all of which makes for a heavenly aroma that smells as good as it feels on stuffy sinuses. Whenever I’m feeling like the Mucinex man, I’ll lay back, pop it over my forehead, and relish in the soothing sensations that trickle down my T-zone (and that double as stress relief, thanks to the energizing eucalyptus scent.) The silky back drapes perfectly over your face and nose and, when your sinuses really need to chill, feels extra cool if you pop it in the freezer before you use.

Outside of cold season, the pillow is great to have on hand for headaches and migraines. Scroll through the reviews, and you’ll find happy customers who swear by it for headache relief. “I would buy this for anyone who experiences migraines,” one reviewer wrote. “My sister has put this pillow in the freezer to get a cool soothing sensation for her migraines. It is the perfect size to be placed on your forehead.”

Another bought it for her boyfriend to help soothe his sinus tension. “I bought this as an easy & natural way to help him breathe and provide some relief from his allergies. When it arrived I was surprised at how small it is, but he said that the size and weight are perfect for the job they have.” Retweet.

For $30, this leafy pillow is essential for surviving cold season. No one wants to be the Mucinex man in winter, or any time for that matter—add this minty-fresh pillow to your cart for instant relief at any time of year.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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