This Free People Lounge Set Is All I’m Wearing This Spring

Off-duty dancer who could break into choreography at any given moment” is an aesthetic I have loved since I was a young girl taking ballet lessons. So when I saw Megan Roup, founder of The Sculpt Society and one of my favorite dance cardio instructors, wearing the Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set, $78, it was like the universe was finally throwing me a bone in this area. It’s a lightweight knit sweater and shorts set that’s comfy enough for lounging, but also easily transitions into the world outside your house with its effortlessly chill vibe.

free people green sweater set

See, dance was one thing I was bad at but refused to quit, and I’m pretty sure it was because I loved the outfits. (I mean, I was bad at soccer and choir too, and I quit those no problem.) If I had seen this Free People lounge set and realized that I just wanted to look stylish but also be super comfortable, the world may have been spared the sight of seventh grade me performing a routine to “Hollaback Girl.” (If you are in possession of this footage, please catapult it into the abyss.)

Shop now: Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set in Garden Pine, $78

Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set in Pebble, $78

free people lounge pebble

I am living in this Free People lounge set for the foreseeable future because it’s comfy enough to wear for a full day of working from my couch, looks effortlessly put together should I need to venture into the outside world, and, yes, I can break into dance in it at a moment’s notice. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from cream to lime green to (my favorite) ocean blue—there’s also a striped variation for those who like lots of options. The pieces look good worn together or separately (though I’m partial to wearing matching pieces together because it requires so little brainpower). I like to wear the set with slouchy socks at home, and I add some chunky sneakers to complete the look when I take my dog for a walk. Pairing it with sandals and a leather jacket makes for the perfect, casual “beach stroll at sunset” outfit. It even looks good with boots. Versatility, baby.

Shop now: Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set in Pebble, $78

Shop more colors:

I may or may not have just Googled “teams with lime green uniforms” because my new beau is into “sports” and there’s something called “March Madness” happening soon. Even though I don’t care about sports (like, at all), I will take any excuse to buy new clothes.

Shop now: Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set in Lime, $78

Butter makes everything better, including loungewear apparently.

Shop now: Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set in Butter, $78

I am cursed with a love of cream clothing but an utter inability to go more than five seconds without spilling something on myself, but this looks like it would be worth the risk.

Shop now: Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set in Cream, $78

This looks like something Serena van der Woodsen would wear to cosplay as a surfer girl living in Venice Beach to run away from her problems—and I mean this in the best way.

Shop now: Free People FP Beach Malibu Surf Set in Winter Wheat, $78

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