This Glute Workout Burns Out Your Bum in 20 Minutes Flat

After a year spent sitting at home in sweatpants, it might finally be time to get your buns out in the sun—or at least off the couch. To motivate you in this direction, The Ness founder Colette Dong has designed a 20-minute glute workout for the latest episode of Good Moves that’s so quick and versatile you’ll find no excuse for skipping it this summer.

“You can tack this [routine] on to any cardio workout when you want a little more toning activation,” Dong says. “You can do it in the morning just to wake up the lower body as well—it’s a nice gentle way to start your day.” As added proof of its ease, Dong notes that the only equipment required to partake in this routine is a “cushy” mat and your very own body.

The workout specifically consists mostly of a series of leg extensions and lifts that will stealthily burn you out without putting undue pressure on your joints or skeleton. “What I love about this is it’s just a super low-impact, but effective, way to build endurance and activation in the glutes and the hamstrings as well as the core—and there’s a little bit of arms in there, too, to support yourself,” Dong says. “It can be done at any age and fitness level.”

Regularly incorporating this series of moves into your fitness regimen may help to alleviate aches and pains, too, given that weakened glutes can result in lower back, knee, and hip pain (and the pandemic has been good for nothing if not the weakening of muscles #BedDeskCouchRepeat). Press play to start getting your backside fit for what is almost certain to be a refreshingly active summer.

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