This Kombucha Starter Kit Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars

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Kombucha is a probiotic-packed drink linked to a variety of health benefits. It fights inflammation and boosts energy levels. But if you love kombucha, you know that it’s expensive. Depending on where you buy it, bulk packages of the fizzy drink can often cost $45 or more. The best way to say some money is to brew your own with an easy starter kit for beginners. You don’t even need to traipse to the store to track down ingredients. William Sonoma’s Tropical Citrus Kombucha Kit ($50) includes everything you need to brew your own at home.

Williams Sonoma Tropical Citrus Kombucha Kit

Each kit features all the ingredients and materials you need to whip up a 1-gallon batch, including step-by-step instructions, organic black tea, pure cane sugar, floral fruit flavoring, and a live, flavored SCOBY (or symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

Don’t be alarmed by the odd, gelatinous puck. The SCOBY culture is the backbone of your kombucha. It promotes fermentation while elevating flavor and essence. Without a kombucha kit, they can take up to four weeks to grow. But with the Williams Sonoma kombucha starter kit is the best choice because you can skip the wait and get straight to brewing. Plus, you’ll get new SCOBYs each and every time you brew to use in future batches or share with your friends.

In addition to all your ingredients, each starter kit also comes with a 1-gallon glass brewing jar, complete with a filter and tap valve. While it looks like a regular glass jar, it’s designed to simplify the entire brewing process, ensuring nothing goes awry during fermentation and carbonation. It also features a re-writable label and wax pencil, so you can label each batch and make note of what part of the process your in.

Depending on how your process goes, it can take anywhere from a week to a month to finalize your batch. While it might be easier to run out and buy a bottle of kombucha, I promise it’s worth the wait. The result is a refreshingly tangy tropical tea that’s bursting with flavor (and tons of bubbles). Plus, it’s packed with nutritional goodness, including probiotics that can aid in digestion and support overall gut health.

Fermentation can be tricky, but this convenient kit makes brewing your own ‘booch super easy. If tropical citrus isn’t really your thing, it’s also available in a tasty floral berry. Or get both, and indulge in mouthwatering homemade kombucha that you can mix up over and over again.

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