Tommy John Air Thong Review: Comfy Even While Exercising

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I pretty much stopped wearing thongs years ago. Since I started working from home about two years ago, VPL (visible panty line) didn’t really matter, and even now I don’t care (and honestly, if people do care about my underwear line, that’s their problem—not mine). Especially if I’m about to go jogging, walk the dog, or lift weights in the living room, I want to be comfortable, end of story. And in my experience, thongs don’t fit the description.

But then, my curiosity go the best of me. See, my husband wears Tommy John underwear (don’t worry, I asked for his permission before I shared his choice of undies with the Internet) and he swears that they’re the comfiest, softest, and most durable kind he’s ever worn. Scanning the site a few weeks before his birthday, I discovered Tommy John also makes underwear for people with vulvas. “Huh,” I thought, browsing the variety TJ offered.


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tommy john thong

Tommy John Air Thong — $26.00

The nylon mesh and spandex fabric give this thong stretch and butter-like feel. To wash, simply throw in the wash (on cold) and tumble dry low. “This is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. I will definitely be buying more!” says one customer.

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Along with adding my S.O.’s gifts to my cart, I treated myself to a couple styles, including a thong. I can’t tell you what made me change my tune other than spontaneity or impulse, but here we are. When the pack of underwear arrived, I washed them and then tried on the Tommy John thong.

It. felt. so. soft. Soft enough to feel almost one with my skin, like there wasn’t a cloth wedged into my butt (again with the TMI, but you’re still here, so). Tommy John’s Air Thong lives up to its name. It’s light and super stretchy, and its material is moisture-wicking and made with antimicrobial fabric (which helps combat odor-causing germs), so I feel like I can definitely wear it when I’m exercising.

Tommy John offers a few different underwear styles, too. I also have their Air Briefs, which are as soft and light as a cloud. They’re made of the same moisture-wicking material and are designed to not bunch or roll up, no matter how active you are.

tommy john briefs

Tommy John Air Briefs — $28.00

Similar to the Air Thong, the Air Briefs are made of a nylon-spandex blend, and Tommy John also offers a “No VPL Guarantee” even though these are briefs (I can personally attest that there isn’t a VPL in sight). Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. “They are super light, comfortable and cute. Couldn’t ask for more,” one reviewer writes.

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TJ’s slogan is “No Adjustment Needed,” and I can confirm their underwear lives up to that promise.

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