What the Full Moon in Gemini Means for Your Zodiac Sign

The final full moon of 2021, also known as the cold moon, will illuminate the sign of Gemini on December 18th at 11:35 p.m., ET. The full moon in Gemini will form an exact opposition with the Sagittarius sun, powerfully aligning with the planet of luck, Jupiter, in Aquarius. Jupiter represents positive growth, luck, abundance, and expansion. When this benefic energy is activated in the sign Aquarius, it becomes a guiding light towards the hopes, dreams, and wishes that we have for our future. What you have been working towards and setting your intentions on can start to manifest during the two-week portal of the full moon in Gemini.

Ruled by communication planet Mercury, Gemini is a mutable air energy, representing social variety, connection and creativity through thought and mental intelligence. The full moon ushers in a two-week energetic portal during which important conversations, contracts, and discussions will move into the spotlight. What develops for many of us during this time can feel life-changing, giving a burst of progressive energy needed to set the stage for positive growth in 2022.

This planetary energy will encourage us to have discuss finances, sort out important contracts, and dive deep into the meaning of significant relationships.

This full moon in Gemini is also occurring the day before the transformative Venus retrograde period in Capricorn. The last time this energy occurred was eight years ago, so think back to the themes that happened during 2013. Venus represents relationships, wealth, agreements, justice, and harmony, while Capricorn rules structure, authority, reality, and tradition. Collectively, this planetary energy over the final weeks of the year will encourage us to have important discussions surrounding the structure of finances, sort out important contracts, and dive deep into the meaning of significant relationships.

It’s time to create a reality where you feel valued, stable, and grounded. The full moon in Gemini is giving you the energy to speak your truth in order to move towards better opportunities for your future. Ahead, discover what’s in store for your zodiac sign—and read your sun, moon, and rising sign below for a more holistic view of what to expect. And since Gemini energy is largely mental and spoken-word, tap into the energy of the full moon and align to the higher vision of yourself with bespoke, empowering affirmations for your zodiac sign. Add them as reminders in your phone, in order to mentally stay on the best path for yourself during the transit.

Here’s what the full moon in Gemini has in store for your zodiac sign.


Expect a turning point in terms of important contracts, conversations, and your location. The moon in Gemini will energize your third house of communication, with the Sagittarius sun in your ninth house of higher vision and foreign travel. New agreements in a different country or otherwise distance place could be the focus for you at this time. This is a positive moment of growth for you, even if it requires a lot of mental energy.

You might also have a breakthrough on a project via important meetings, discussions, or agreements. Teaching others, attending a certification course or going back to school could also be a prominent theme for many Aries. This is the perfect time to seize the final part of the year to start off 2022 feeling grounded.

Your full moon affirmation: It’s time to do the work I’ve always dreamed of doing! The world is my oyster.


Finances, money, and your material wealth is in the energetic spotlight during the full moon in Gemini. The moon will be in your second house of earned income, forming an opposition with the Sagittarius sun, illuminating your shared resources sector. The full moon in Gemini could bring in a new stream of income, or encourage you to discuss how your finances are organized within a marriage if this applies to you. This is also the area of debts, loans, and mortgages, so there can be important progress surrounding this.

The full moon will also form a positive aspect with auspicious Jupiter in Aquarius, which has been bringing growth to your career over the past year. Now you can experience a culmination of this progress through a new opportunity, expansive contract, or promotion. This is a great time to level up before moving into 2022. Make sure that you are staying connected with others over the next couple of weeks in order to receive.

Your full moon affirmation: Everything works out in my favor. Money flows effortlessly and easily to me.


This is the most important full moon of the year for you, Gemini. You have gone through a major eclipse cycle since June 2020, and now the cosmos are locking in the final changes. The moon in Gemini is illuminating your first house of self, with the Sagittarius sun centered in your relationships, contracts, and important agreements. For some, a new love interest could develop into something more serious.

Important communication surrounding new career opportunities and changes can come in around this time, thanks to the full moon’s transformative connection with Neptune in Pisces in your 10th house of career and professional matters. Beginning a creative new project, or starting with a new employer can be a theme for you, as you move into 2022.

Your full moon affirmation: Balanced and positive relationships always find me. I move with authenticity and truth when it comes to my desires within an agreement.


Moon cycles heavily affect you because the moon is your planetary ruler, Cancer. The full moon in Gemini is shining a light on your subconscious mind, health, work, and routine. The final couple of weeks of the year are a final cleanup of your schedule, shifting what no longer is a productive daily practice for you, and encouraging you to take care of your wellness. While these are the mundane facets of life, they ultimately will positively impact your long-term goals.

Now is also an important time for you in terms of finances and shared resources. The full moon will send positive energy to lucky Jupiter in Aquarius in your eighth house, which rules over mortgages, loans, and money from outside sources. New investors, a business loan, or financial support could help you around this time.

Your full moon affirmation: I am releasing what is no longer for my highest good. I am cleaning up the details to positively affect the future.


Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are coming true right now Leo, and this is an extremely creative time for you. The full moon in Gemini is impacting your 11th house of goals, your network, and social groups. Important opportunities could come through social media, who you know, or your peers at this time. You can experience progress in ventures you have been working on over the past year towards a more expansive direction.

A new love partnership could deepen around this time for some Leos, proving to be expansive and stable. For others, positive contracts, agreements, and professional relationships can develop. Important contracts, conversations, and dialogue are going to be the central point of the remainder of this year. This will set the stage for long-term growth as you enter into 2022.

Your full moon affirmation: I am embracing my true creative potential and sharing it with the world. I’m letting my Leo light shine through!


Career and professional breakthroughs are in order for you during the Gemini full moon, Virgo. This is kicking off a period of progress with the moon in your 10th house of career and the Sagittarius sun illuminating your home life. A new position or opportunity could develop, giving you a positive moment of growth before the new year. You could move due to work or change the structure of your home office.

This is also a time to reap the rewards of your hard work over the past year. The Gemini moon is forming a harmonious connection with benefic Jupiter in Aquarius in your sixth house of work, routine, and health. New support staff for some Virgos can also help you progress and provide the solid foundation of help you need. You can now start to experience the payoff from long-term projects, which can feel rewarding.

Your full moon affirmation: My work is rewarding and helps the collective. Abundance always flows to me in exchange for my energy.


This is an important wrap up of the year for you, Libra. The Gemini full moon is activating your ninth house of higher learning, foreign travel, and broader messages. A visible project, or opportunity to share your wisdom can be the focal point of this lunar portal. Traveling abroad, or handling matters in a far-off location can also take up a lot of your time. Creative projects or a long-term investment may pay off or come to a positive culmination around this time.

Changes to your work routine, health, and overall schedule can also be a focus for you, Libra. This is due to the full moon’s connection to change with Neptune in Pisces in your sixth house. This planetary alignment is encouraging you to release old patterns or routines that could be unhealthy or holding back your progress. You also can have important conversations in relation to your work, ultimately leading to a shift in schedule. You’ve got this, Libra!

Your full moon affirmation: I welcome growth, which will be my source of power as I enter into the New Year. Now is the time to reap the seeds I’ve sown.


The Gemini full moon is shining a light on your shared resources, investments, and influencing the structure of your home, Scorpio. The Gemini moon will be in your eighth house, bringing up important contracts surrounding mortgages, loans, and money from other people. Perhaps you have had agreements surrounding this that will now be settled. Marriage and partnership will also be in the spotlight for some of you.

Improvements in your home are also in the stars for you during this full moon. Moving to a new and expansive place, or investing in property can be an opportunity for you. The full moon is being supported by the expansive energy of Jupiter in Aquarius in your fourth house of home. Ancestral healing, or the resolution of family matters can also be an important theme for you.

Your full moon affirmation: My home sanctuary is a place of growth. I am setting up a stable and positive place for myself in 2022.


Partnerships, relationships, and agreements are the major themes for you during the full moon in Gemini. The Sagittarius sun in your first house of identity is an important part of this energy. You have experienced a pivotal 18-month eclipse cycle surrounding personal growth that will now come to a conclusion during the first half of 2022. This full moon is locking in changes in terms of who you are, and how you present yourself to the world.

With the Gemini moon activating your seventh house of relationships, you can expect changes surrounding this area of life as the year concludes. Depending on your unique situation, this can impact an important business partnership, contract, or love relationship. The universe is encouraging you to speak your truth and honor your needs within them.

Your full moon affirmation: My needs are important in relationships. I clearly communicate with them and those that align with me will support them.


Your focus will turn towards your work, daily routine, and overall wellness during the full moon in Gemini. Capricorn, where can you maximize your day in order to boost productivity? If you have felt your daily routine growing stagnant or overwhelming, this is the burst of fresh air that you need in order to make a positive change. You also can feel empowered to change certain habits or practice balance when it comes to your workload. Self care is key.

Positive conversations surrounding your income, money in general, and work can also develop during this lunation. The Gemini full moon will form a harmonious trine with expansive Jupiter in Aquarius in your second house of earned income. You can now bear the fruits of your labor or a long-term project you’ve put a lot of work into over the past 18 months. Another way this could manifest is having to add to your team or restructure. You’ve got this Capricorn!

Your full moon affirmation: There is no stopping the flow of abundance. As I grow, my bank account grows.


During the full moon in Gemini, you are finishing up the final degrees of Jupiter moving through your sign. Jupiter represents growth, luck, and abundance, and this period occurs every 12 years. You’ve gone through tremendous amounts of growth this past year, and the Gemini full moon is giving you a burst of good luck as a reward.

Investments or creative projects are also a major theme during the full moon. The Gemini moon is centered in your fifth house of self-expression, speculative investments, and children. Your focus could move towards a significant creative project or idea. For some Aquarians, an investment (like crypto or stocks) could flourish or produce some income. There also could be a focus on fertility matters or positive growth in the lives of your children, if this applies to you.

Your full moon affirmation: Abundance is my birthright. As I create for the collective, the universe always rewards me.


Your focus is on your home, family, and emotional foundation during the full moon in Gemini. The Gemini moon will be centered in this area of life, also known as your fourth house in astrology. Perhaps you must move homes, or there are pivotal changes in the lives of your family. The final weeks can seem very hectic in terms of handling these matters. Don’t worry, though—things will clear as you move into 2022.

Career changes and transitions are also a theme for many Pisces. The Sagittarius sun is energizing this transformation in your 10th house of career. It’s important to stay connected to your network, and connections. Right now, influential friends can help you on your path towards your future hopes and dreams.

Your full moon affirmation: The universe always rewards my efforts. My dreams are coming true as I enter the new year.

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